Confluence by Atlassian, is a versatile enterprise wiki that has established its place at the workplace. Elevating the need for collaboration and teamwork to improve productivity, confluence has made it simpler and easier for organizations to share knowledge, track activities and keep information organized.

Treating knowledge as a resource is a necessity for businesses today. Information can be found everywhere around us, in emails, attachments, blogs etc. Businesses with the ability to harness knowledge in the day-to-day activities in a responsive manner are always ahead.




Confluence is where work becomes teamwork. Confluence enhances the collaboration of team members to build and share knowledge and have work done.


  • Centralizes Work

    Business Intelligence is an integral part of the solution. In addition to the predefined dashboards, you can extend and create new dashboards to meet your needs.

  • Keeps work organized

    Agility and customizability are the core fundamentals which guided us in the development efforts. You can make changes to suit your needs at record speed.

  • Build a Knowledge Base

    Built on top of very robust enterprise frameworks, enterprise security and scalability are a core part of the offering.

  • Involves everyone in the organization

    Solution supports an open integration API. You can virtually extend the integration API to connect to other open applications